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The Ramblings of me

...god help you...

Kill me slowly
14 June
So yeah.. My life sucks. I hate everything. If you want to read this journal then brace yourself, it isnt a pretty sight...

_Basic Info_

Name: Jami
Nicknames: Jigs, Tinkerbell, Princess, JC, James, Jamily, RH, Jamers...
Age: 20
School: TCC
Hair Color: Brown (Yeah i got rid of the platinum blonde, haha)
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'5"

A few good things to know about me... I am the biggest Atlanta Braves fan in the world, I love all music, I dont deal with people's bullshit ANYMORE, I am pregnant (due Jan 7th, and I couldnt be more excited), I am probably the nicest person you will ever meet but dont ever get the idea that you can take advantage of me because of it, I love helping other people, I love my job (criminal intelligence tech for Dept of Children and Families)...